Outstanding Lip Shape Through Proper Techniques Helps Raise Confidence

Lip surgery is a very common thing these days, as done by most celebrities. This lip surgery is mainly prevalent in Korea as they give importance to their beauty. It happens that many are not happy with the shape of their lips, and they end up in lip surgery. Among many surgeries, Mazda mouth (ปากมาสด้า, which is the term in Thai) is a popular kind that will make your lips look sleeker.

What Is Mazda’s Mouth?

So in Korea, there are different types of lip surgery but this particular surgery where the lips will look more like ‘M’ and can adjust with every face. It has gained a lot of attention and appreciation as people can notice a specific change, and with that change, people look great. This shape is common mainly in Thailand, and the name Mazda is derived from a car logo named Mazda. The lips will look like a chestnut.

Who Can Do This Type Of Lips?

The person who wants to shape up their lips like if they have straight or thick lips and also if they have uneven lips. Now, these Mazda lips are not suitable for those having thin lips as during surgery; the physician cuts the tissue, which results in making it thinner. Similarly, people whose gums are visible while smiling also must not go for surgery, as cutting the tissue of both upper and lower lips will make the gum look more visible, resulting in a weirder smile.

How Can It Be Done?

So Mazda’s lips can also be made without surgery, and lip filler injection is also an advanced and quick process of shaping up the lips. The filler contains hyaluronic acid, which will help in making the lips more glowing and smooth. It has low side effects. Before injecting this acid, an allergy test is required as it can lead to many side effects. This filler will not last long for a lifetime, so again, you need to inject the filler injection. In surgery, there is no need to repeat any process; once it’s done, it’s done for a lifetime.


Before proceeding further for Mazda mouth, the doctors will run a few steps to see whether the patients are allergic to anything and also will notify them if their lips are suitable for this. Only a professional, certified dermatologist can help in turning your lips into a Mazda one. Before the surgery, it is also essential to know about lip surgery, its effects and side effects, and whether your face will look good.



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